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Wordpress Website design

Wordpress Website design
Wordpress Website design

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    What people see when they enter a Wordpress website is text created by various programs, which is visually presented to the visitor by a web browser. Wordpress When you look at a specially designed text document, which is the skeleton of a website, you can immediately see what it will look like when interpreted by a browser.

    There are various techniques for designing a Wordpress website. However, it is basically a matter of working with text. Editing a section in this special web text changes the visual or textual information that the website visitor sees. In this case, the Internet browser acts as a "fairy tale narrator", who reads the text to the website visitor, creating visual illustrations and compositions.

    HTML - (HyperText Markup Language) is the basis for designing and creating text on a website. This is the very first thing you need to learn to learn how to create websites. The skeleton of each web page is a text document that is specially designed in HTML, making various adjustments to the appearance of the text. This text document is "read" by a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and others), making the page more visually appealing to the visitor. Visual corrections in the visual design of the website are created with the program CSS.

    To start designing a website, you need two things - a web browser (a very individual thing, but some of these programs have greater advantages in the development of websites) and a text document editor. You can use the simplest Notepad, but for beginners it will be more convenient for specialized text editors for website design. For example, Notepad ++ or PSPad.

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a special website design language designed for visual design of HTML and XHTML text documents. CSS is also a text document, just unlike HTML it describes the appearance of a document. The visitor of the CSS website sees only visually. The text of this program is visible to the web browser, which creates it visually by scanning the commands contained in the CSS document. With

    CSS can be used to change the appearance of any HTML text object - color, shape, parameters, position and other elements.

    There are several advantages to using CSS in designing a website. Because the visual layout of a page is described in CSS, it helps shorten the length of the HTML document, allowing the web browser to read hypertext faster, making it faster to load a specific webpage. This, in turn, guarantees positive feedback from customers - website visitors - because no one likes to wait until the internet page finally loads.

    In addition, CSS software is an indispensable contribution to website design. This program simplifies the work of designers and allows you to create many new and innovative design solutions for website design. Thus, it is possible to create a unique and unique website not only in terms of content, but also in terms of visuals.