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Marketing & Advertising
Internet Marketing, Content Marketing,
SEO Promotion - SMM & Social Networks,
Email Marketing,Whatsapp, Instagram DM

Advertising in internet

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We create successful online advertising campaigns and set up existing online advertising. We organize the promotion process on more than 40 different channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Vkontakte, Yandex and many others.

SEO optimization

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A business whose website isn't found by Google is a business that doesn't exist at all. Research shows that potential customers search the Internet for information on service providers or distributors. The most popular search engine is Google, although there are others known around the world. Whether the company is creating a new website or the website has been running for a long time, we recommend performing SEO optimization to increase the website's ranking in Google search for keywords that are relevant to your business.

Internet advertising
from 69€ / month
✓ Optional:
✓ Facebook
✓ Google
✓ Instagram
✓ Competitor analysis
✓ advertising management
✓ personal manager
Content marketing
from 149€ / month
✓ from 5 SEO articles / month
✓ text input
✓ Keyword matching
✓ Competitor analysis
✓ preparation of texts for the page
✓ advertising management
✓ personal manager
SEO promotion
from 249€ / month
✓ strategy development
✓ Keyword Selection
✓ Defining headlines
✓ Creating internal links on the page
✓ structure development
✓ management
✓ personal manager

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