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Wordpress Web design

Wordpress Web design
Wordpress Web design

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    What it takes to build a Wordpress website

    The following things are required to create a website:

    1) to buy a website name (domain), you will have to pay for it once a year, and the prices in Latvia are 12 euros for a .lv domain, but abroad about 15 dollars for a .com or .eu domain;

    2) subscribe to a server (hosting) to have a place to place website files, prices in Latvia from 5 to 8 euros per month, abroad on average 8 euros per month for a normal server;

    3) it is necessary to install the same website system (content management system = CMS) on your new server, for example, WordPress, and a specialist will be able to handle this task in ten minutes;

    4) when the CMS is installed on the server, you must enter your desired information on the blank website: texts and pictures about you or your business (the process will be speeded up if you have read the relevant pictures and texts in different folders or Word files in time);

    5) Once the content is complete, you can start advertising your new beautiful website, sending information to your business email list, sharing messages on Facebook, Friends, and Twitter, as well as posts on your topic forums or interest groups will help here;

    6) so that the website does not become a historical archive over time, regularly add new information, at least once a month write a few lines about your services or business.

    All of the above steps would require consultation with an "internet specialist", not just friends or aunts, so let me know if you are at a crossroads to decide where to start and how to do it!

    WordPress tutorial

    WordPress consultations can be provided via email, via Skype, Zoom, or in your office.

    WordPress help will often be faster and less annoying than trying to search for answers in foreign forums or asking a knowledgeable Google. Why splurge on tons of web pages if someone can explain it to you in five languages.

    WordPress plugins

    WordPress plugins are add-ons that can be used to add many necessary features to a WordPress home page that are not built into the initial installation of WordPress. These plug-ins can add something missing (improve the SEO effect), create a WordPress e-shop platform, and redesign the page design beyond recognition.

    Since WordPress is open source software, there are currently thousands of WordPress plugins. Most of these plug-ins are free. Significantly, everyone will find their plugin and have a clear idea of ​​what they want to see on their WordPress website. But, if such a plug-in does not yet exist, then it is possible to order its programming for both Latvian programmers and a foreigner.

    Remember, there may be several WordPress plug-ins for each solution, so it's best to test several first to better understand which one to stick to.


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