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Website SEO titles

Website SEO titles
Website SEO titles

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    From an SEO point of view, the title of the website is very important. The title of each section of the website is displayed in the search results and briefly describes the information found in the section of the website. Given that the title is the first thing that is considered when a search engine indexes a page, the keywords it contains are able to influence the position of that particular section in search engines.

    The title briefly describes the content of the specific section. If it's well-designed, it's much more likely that a user will choose to go directly to your website.

    Every Internet user who uses search engines on a daily basis often chooses websites with easy-to-understand and descriptive headlines. The headline can be seen as a specific section of the ad on the Internet, for example, if you compare 2 examples of headlines:

    "Website development, PHP, internet, works, HTML, google" and "Website development - professional websites for your business"

    The user is more likely to choose the second option, given that the first option uses only keywords for the website title and may display very different information than the title (the title is very broad and does not specifically inform the user about the information in the address).

    Website title creation

    The title of the website is a short description of the content. Given that each section of the website is unique, the title should have one. This approach also has SEO benefits - the content in the title is very important from the search engine point of view and by creating unique titles, it is possible to optimize the website for different keywords, which means that the website can be found using more keywords and can increase website traffic. .

    Include company name in website title?

    The inclusion of a company name depends on the company's marketing strategy. If your business is a recognizable brand or you want to make the brand recognizable, or your business name is also a keyword for search engines, then it should be included in the title of the website, if not, use a limited number of symbols to indicate the most important keywords. Include the business name at the end of the title, as it's important that search engines and Internet users who find your website read your keywords and other information in the title first, and only then the business name.

    The headline should be related to the content of the website section. If the title doesn't match the content, you may not get a better spot in the search engine results because the wrong keywords will apply to a particular section and will not raise your website's ranking, users may never return to your website, and search engines may think you are trying. " cheat ”and may lower your website's ranking. When creating headlines, don't try to put together too many keywords or text, but briefly and specifically include a summary of the information you find when you include your keywords.

    General tips for creating a website title

    It is not necessary to add all keywords in one section of the website. Normally, the section should use 3-5 keywords (phrases). The section title should show 1 to 3 of the section's main keywords. If your chosen keyword is used frequently (such as car coloring, wool socks, etc.), it's a good idea to include your keywords both in the title and at least twice, between the first 100 words of content.

    The title should not be longer than 65 characters, including spaces. If the title is longer, the last words longer than 65 characters will be replaced by '…'.

    Use the | symbols to separate words or phrases or -.

    It is recommended to include the title in the title of the section (H1), which is also an important point for SEO optimization, as well as the user who enters the website with a specific goal will immediately notice that he has found the information he is looking for.