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Website rating - Keywords are not enough

Website rating - Keywords are not enough
Website rating - Keywords are not enough

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    If at the turn of the century it was still enough that, having created a website, an enterprise was guaranteed to visit it and this helped to attract new customers, now the situation is radically different. Now almost every enterprise has its own website, so there is an intense competition for website visitors and attracting new customers. The creation of a site in itself no longer guarantees anything.

    To promote a website by carefully using keywords, a few years ago it was a good way to achieve very high traffic and high ranking positions in various search engines. However, with the development of search engines and the increase in competition between sites, and only with keywords, it was no longer possible to achieve good results.

    The development of a home page and promotion for search programs is now directly related to the usability of the site. Recent research on website optimization shows that the number of website visitors and, at the same time, the number of customers of an enterprise directly depends on the usability of the website.

    What is the usability of the site?

    • The presence of important information is no more than two clicks from the main page.
    • Design that contributes to an easier perception of the site's content.
    • Clear and understandable navigation.

    As we can see, the convenience of using the Internet page depends on the efforts invested in the creation of the site for structuring, planning and placing information, in addition, to achieve this, special knowledge or mathematical calculations are not required, all this is based on logic and common sense.

    Creating a website, taking into account the convenience of using it, is not only the key to success in promoting a modern website, but also a financially profitable and far-sighted step that will save money while ensuring a high website ranking and successful customer acquisition.