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Website development in Ogre | online store development in Ogre

Website development in Ogre | online store development in Ogre
Website development in Ogre | online store development in Ogre

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    Website and web application development in Ogre

    We offer a full service related to the development of web applications. We will create a quality website, from a simple business card website to complex portals and systems.

    Functional, modern design in Ogre

    We will develop a professional and modern design that will give a good first impression of your business.

    We create a responsive design that will adapt to the user's devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

    Quick and easy content editing in Ogre

    We offer to use CMS (content management system), which is easy to use, in Latvian and suitable for your needs. Information can be changed and added quickly and easily. Of course, we will also train you to use it.

    If you are used or want to use another content management system (eg WordPress, ModX) we can also create a site using it.

    Integration of social networks in Ogre

    If the industry allows it to promote your business, it is important to use social networks (, Facebook, Twitter, vKontake ...). We will introduce you to their possibilities, help you get started and integrate them into your site.

    Development of online stores in Ogre

    If you are planning to trade on the Internet, or you are not satisfied with the current system, we offer to create a high-quality and convenient Internet store.

    Convenient, neat and profitable online store

    We will create an easy-to-use boarding shop with an individual design. The customer will be able to quickly find the required products through search, filters and sorting. Order quickly by filling out a convenient form and pay with the integrated payment system.

    Quick and easy product addition in Ogre

    You will be able to quickly and easily add items, promotions, pictures, etc. using our content management system.

    If you already have an online store, we will transfer all goods and content to the new system.

    If necessary, we will create an automatic connection to the warehouse and accounting systems.

    Other e-commerce services in Ogre

    We also offer to create other e-commerce systems - collective shopping portals, payment systems, CRM, etc.

    Design development in Ogre

    We offer to create a company brand, logo, document blanks, layouts for business cards, posters, booklets, etc.

    Modern, attractive, effective in Ogre

    When creating a design, the main thing for us is its function, whether it will show your company as serious and modern, or tell what you want to tell the customer. Good design is simple but effective.

    Other services in Ogre

    We also offer hosting services, IT consulting, mobile application development, etc.

    Each customer's needs are unique, and we try to adapt to them as much as possible.

    Cooperation with the customer does not end with the transfer of the order, we always support and help our customers.