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Website development Daugavpils

Website development Daugavpils
Website development Daugavpils

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    We have implemented various projects. From business card type pages, to projects that require large resources and work in tandem between multiple servers or projects where clients have limited resources that require smart solutions due to resource constraints. Optimization things are our favorite because it doesn't allow you to sink into a routine. And of course SEO.

    We have independent customers who are the most visited in their industry, i.e. reference portals and media portals that provide sports information and live video

    Our experience is in such technologies.

    • PHP - PHP5 / PHP7 / PHP8
    • CSS / CSS3 - SCSS / Bootstrap
    • HTML - XHTML / HTML5
    • Javascript - jQuery / jQueryUI / Bootstrap / googleMaps
    • Databases - MySql / PostgreSQL / Oracle / LiteSQL
    • Memcache
    • Nginx

    We are currently working with the following systems:

    1. Wordpress, Joomla - can build blogs of simple / complexity websites
    2. Laravel - the most advanced open source framework available today
    3. openCart - an indispensable system for e-commerce
    4. phpBB - Forums
    5. and other.

    Our luggage is our knowledge. We are able to evaluate them in difficult situations and know how to apply them where necessary!


    From 2010, we offer hosting services for our projects. In this way, we are able to provide quality service to the customer. And the biggest benefits are:

    Dedication - We design a project and are not only responsible for it, but also interested in making it perfect. We are not looking for problems :)

    speed - we cooperate with the largest data center in Latvia