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Website development
Website development

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    Creating each website starts with defining its goals. Most often, the goal is related to addressing customers and building the company's image. If there are several goals, it is important to arrange them according to their priorities, so when starting work on a new website, it is important to understand the uniqueness of the client, who is best served by face-to-face meetings. During it, the goals of the website, the company's vision of the website, the audience to be addressed and other nuances related to the website are discussed.

    Step 1: Project planning meeting during which the project goals and vision are discussed. The client is asked to present his / her idea and, if possible, to offer project peers already found on the Internet. The website developer offers his view on the possible implementation of the project.

    The practical work of creating a website starts with defining the specification and developing the design. Most companies want a unique design designed specifically for their needs, is based on the company's design guidelines and best describes the company's identity and uniqueness, but given that designing a technically simple project can be as much as half the cost, specially designed internet design stores. Small adjustments can be made to such designs to highlight the individuality of the company.

    Our websites are almost always responsive. This means that the website will be able to adapt to the device from which it will be viewed, thus providing the best usability experience for both your customers who view the website from a desktop computer with a high resolution and size monitor, and customers who visit the website via mobile phones or tablets.

    In parallel with the creation of the design, work is underway to create the content. To ensure that your message is best conveyed to your customers, design and content need to complement each other. Often it is you who are best versed in the nuances of your industry that will be the best content creators, but usually content creation is a collaboration between you and us. The content should not only be easily perceived by your customer, but also SEO optimized to ensure the highest possible position in Internet search engines.

    Finally, the most technical part of website development - planning and programming of its architecture. Most often we develop a website based on our own cherished content management system, but in some cases customers prefer open source solutions, so we are ready to develop a website based on Wordpress or Magento. In parallel with the development, testing takes place, which serves as a quality control mechanism for the website development process. Testing includes design, functionality, safety and, in some cases, load tests.

    Once the development is complete, your employees are trained as a usable website content management system. When a website is published, we continue to monitor and, if necessary, improve it.