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Website and SEO

Website and SEO
Website and SEO

    Get a Free consultation.

    We will create your home page, web page, online store, blog, as well as Internet portal according to your wishes and requirements.

    Your website, online store, blog or web portal will get an original and high-quality style and design that will encourage your visitors to return because we will give it a special and positive aura.

    Professional content

    We will create content for your current or new website, online store, blog or web portal that will attract the attention of your visitors and help users to easily navigate your website. The content of your website will not only inform, but also sell, it will meet the requirements of SEO and will help your website to be in the top positions of search engines.

    Our translators will perform professional translation and proofreading for your website, online store, blog or web portal so that it can be understood by foreign-speaking clients and visitors. Professionally written and translated text will be able to successfully present your company and sell the goods and services offered by your company.

    For a website, web page, online store, blog, or web portal to be marketable, it must be appropriately visually designed. We will professionally design the content of your website, online store, blog or web portal that will suit your business style. We will produce and place new texts, images or video materials on your website, online store, blog or internet portal, professionally and qualitatively!

    Website programming

    We perform programming with the following technologies:

    PHP, ASP.NET and database management systems - MySQL, MS SQL.

    We offered to supplement the websites with:

    • Google Maps (Ability to show points of sale, use with contact details)
    • SEO (website search engine optimization)
    • Website linking with accounting programs via XML, CSV
    • Attendance statistics
    • Banner connection
    • Questionnaires and questionnaires
    • Sending commercial offers to customers
    • Visitor contact databases for further internet marketing activities
    • Development of WEB data robots with the possibility to import data from other websites

    Programming for online stores

    • Payment systems, electronic payments on the Internet (sms, internet banks, credit cards, etc.)
    • Product / service catalogs, shopping cart, delivery cost calculation, payment system,
    • invoicing, reporting, bonus systems
    • Automatic import of goods from the wholesaler via FTP, CSV, XML or WEB service