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    1. Need

    It all starts with the need for a design for a website, a campaign landing page, a social networking profile background. Why? That's a good question! And exactly with "Why?" the design development process begins. Both the customer and the designer need to know exactly what goal the company wants to achieve with the new design - to sell more, improve the image, increase visibility, change the image, increase the number of loyal customers and many others.

    "Beautiful" or "good" design is a very subjective opinion - one likes a mother, one a daughter, but another likes a dress. Also, "beautiful" does not guarantee the achievement of goals, because design in the web world is more than beautifully grouped pictures and colors - it must be functional - something that the specific target group will understand.

    2. Analysis

    The first thing that designers start with is the analysis of needs, goals, goods and services, because the designer does not design the design for himself or you, he draws the design to achieve your goals. If you want to get a new website design, the designer should research the website designs of your competitors as well as the websites of global companies in the industry.

    Usually, the design is created in close cooperation with the creation of the specification - because the designer also plays a big role in the development of the website's functionality. For example, a skilled designer with the help of design can help the author of the concept to shorten the purchase process - by one step, which will definitely increase the number of purchases made, etc.

    It is also necessary to analyze and understand which are the most important things and be able to highlight them. For example, one website may need to highlight a service - benefits, another a product specification, another a buy button, and another a schematic explanation of how one of the proposed processes works.

    3. Concept search

    Searching for a concept plays an important role in the design process, because based on the information provided by the customer, research of competitors and review of good examples, the designer may even have several ideas - visions of design. If necessary, the designer sketches on a sheet of paper until it reaches the main stopping point, which is then overgrown with other ideas. According to Aleksandrs - in the process of creating a design, one idea overgrows another, thus reaching the third, fourth… and finally to a clear vision of what the design should look like.

    4. Design drawing

    Finally! Work begins on real design drawing. One by one, the designers draw the elements and place them in the overall design. The most important elements of design must be highlighted! According to YAM designers, it would be ideal if the designed design could one day "sleep" in the designer's folder, so that after a day it could be viewed with a brand new view, so that the last adjustments, additions or grinding work could be done and then sent to the customer.

    5. Coordination

    Along with sending the design to the client, the designers also add a small explanation with justification, which are the main accents in the design, why the title is just that big, why the icon is red instead of blue, why the layout of the elements is exactly that, and so on.

    After reviewing the design, the client expresses his comments, after which the designer must make corrections.

    Some designer comments

    It is easy and pleasant to work with customers who trust us, by which we do not mean that the customer has to agree with everything. The client must be aware that the designer, like a lawyer and a doctor, has education, experience and that he is also a specialist in his field who works to achieve your goals. It is much more difficult to work with clients who do not trust our professionalism and vision of their business, and it is also much more difficult to achieve a good result in this way.

    It is better to match the cufflinks to the suit than to the suit to the cufflinks - this is a story that often companies want to create a website with the logo created in the last century, which is unfortunately already morally obsolete and no longer corresponds to the essence of the company, but also such decisions are made. YAM designers comment that this is not the right line of thought, because why invest money in designing a new website, which is trying to match the old logo - strategically and in the long run it would be more effective to create a new (or slightly refresh) company logo to express the company's current and future confidence and only then build a website design.

    We don't design to please us or you - we want the customer to like it! We design to meet your business goals and meet the interests, lifestyle and beliefs of your business audience.

    Designers want new challenges! We want our customers to trust us, we do not want to redesign the design of existing websites, changing only the colors, we want to create something new, unprecedented, even better, more efficient and more convincing.

    Layout is very different from web design - a web designer and a layout designer are not the same thing. There are a number of specific and technical things in web design that layout designers are often unaware of.

    Designers are well versed in the technological environment and opportunities, as many of them have higher education in one of the fields of Internet technology. It is not yet possible to acquire the position of a web designer in Latvian universities. Thus, designers study through self-study, attend various seminars and courses both in Latvia and in other countries.

    "I was also able to express myself creatively in the design of the YAM Dizains website! I believe that a little interactivity on the page creates a positive aura, attracts the attention of Internet users and helps to draw attention to the most important things in a very tasteful and unobtrusive way. ”

    Not only the home page is important in terms of design, as is the case with many business card type websites, but also the many and varied pages and elements on them.