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Web service, Computer service in Riga

Web service, Computer service in Riga
Web service, Computer service in Riga

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    WEB service

    • Web design, web page development and customization
    • Domain registration
    • Site Hosting - site maintenance, backup
    • Website maintenance, information exchange, supplementation
    • FTP access

    Computer equipment, Computer service:

    • Computer Diagnostics
    • Saving Computer Data Before Repairing
    • Computer Repair
    • Preparing the computer for work:
    • * installation of operating system and upgrades
    • * Installing computer drivers
    • * Computer Software Installation - for office, accounting, antivirus, graphics, backup, CD / DVD burning
    • * Adding peripherals - such as printer scanners, CD and DVD writers, external hard drives, Bluetooth, Infra Red, mobile phones
    • If possible, "quick repair" remotely

    Purchase of computer equipment:

    • Consultations on the choice of computer equipment, configuration
    • Delivery of new computers and peripherals
    • Improvement of existing computer components, computer modernization
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS installation

    Hardware network:

    • Consultations on choosing an Internet provider
    • Connecting multiple computers to one Internet connection
    • Configuring the router
    • Computer network design and construction (LAN)
    • Wireless networking
    • Installation and configuration of network printers

    Legality of computer equipment

    • Verification of the legality of installed software and disc content (licensed programs, video and audio files subject to copyright law)
    • Advice on choosing and installing legal (paid or free) software