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Webdesign studio

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    Welcome to WEB design studio - website!
    The services we offer are:
    • Web-site creation
    • Developing WEB page design with Flash animation
    • Web-site placement
    • Web hosting
    • Optimization of Web pages for search systems
    • Registration in Latvian catalogues
    • Development of simple and convenient navigation of WEB pages.
    • Filling WEB pages with the necessary information.
    We are professional:
    • Let's make your website
    • Let's put a website on the internet
    • Let's put ad in rating systems
    Web page development is a key part of our company. Developing WEB pages is a very responsible job. We always strive for the highest quality in Web page development.
    Would you like you to be proud of your WEB page and be able to show it to the whole world? Turn to us and you will get the outstanding result!
    Design-studio "YAM.LV" offers a full cycle of services, which includes the development, creation, support and promotion of internate projects (web-sites). Our main goal is to create an effective project that could become one of the leaders in your area. The web site we create is a powerful marketing tool that actively stimulates demand for certain services or products, reveals the necessary information to the target audience or solves the tasks of showing certain services to interested visitors.
    Services offered by YAM:
    • creation and development of internate projects (web-sites) ;
    • web-site promotion and deployment;
    • technical, informative support and marketing of projects;
    • server services
    The main competitive advantage of our company is the creation and development of complex internet solutions that allow our clients to solve various business tasks, such as:

    • the possibility of consumers to receive information about the goods and services provided by the customer Company 24 hours a day and 365 days a year;
    • operational delivery of commercial and presentation information;
    • on-line sale of goods and services;
    • search for new customers and partners;
    • increasing the customer company's image and reputation.
    • At the same time, the basic principle of our pricing policy is its availability to customers! Our main competitive advantage is that the price includes a minimum package of services for Web-page promotion, thanks to which our company can guarantee that the web-site developed by the customer will be included in the TOP-10 after key phrases.
    Web site development stages:
    • Marketing Research in the network and internetproject concept development;
    • web-site design;
    • web site design;
    • web-site programming;
    • web-site filling with materials;
    • Marketing Research in the network and internate project concept development

    The result of the work will become a report, which will include in itself:
    • Description of your web-site goals;
    • description of key factors affecting the realization of the chosen goals;
    • description of the main risks in the implementation of the project;
    • description of the concept of an effective web-site;
    • Overview of your company's main competitors internate resources;
    • Recommendations for the deployment and promotion of your site;
    • defining key words with the frequency of requests for instructions that are specific to your business;
    • recommendations on the basic factors that create your site's competitive advantage over competitors ' links;
    • overview of the main informative resources in your industry and description of their use in the business of your company;
    • a functional task that will fix all aspects of the project and will be at the heart of the technical task.
    • Web-site design

    It is the development of an informative and functional project structure. At the given stage of works we execute the following works:
    • development of the project concept;
    • development of functional and informative structure of the project;
    • design of interfaces (page structure and navigation).
    • The prototype of the site will become the result of the work. It includes a list of the main pages of the site with a description of the structure of information placement, a description of functional elements (search, registration forms, etc.).), a graphic and navigation element description for each page.
    Qualitatively executed design allows to avoid difficulties at the programming stage and, what is more important, to avoid them during further development of the project.
    Web site design
    One of the main requirements for the design of the web-site is the execution of the design in accordance with the style of the client company. At the same time, we recommend technology links to customers, i.e. the design does not have to slow down the work of the main interactive functions of the project and does not have to increase the loading time of the pages of the site.

    Web-site programming
    Our web-site programming approach is based on the following basic principles:
    site development (development of new partitions or features) does not require costly technical redesign of the main program code of the site;
    the site should be built on a modular basis, where each new module (i.e. function) organically fits into the site structure, even if the development of the function is carried out after the completion of the project.
    Web-site filling with materials

    Attractive design and higher quality programming are not enough conditions for a project's outstanding success. Specific value web-site visitors assign text information. Only it is able to show users what your company is different from others, what qualities are endowed with the products and services that you offer.

    Over such tasks it is necessary to work a specialist-imitator, who creates effective texts that satisfy the following requirements:
    compliance of texts with the requirements for the reception of verbal information by users;
    Organization of perception of timal text structure by users;
    literacy and clarity of presentation;
    compliance with the stylistic preferences of the target audience of the web-site;

    Web-sites one of the important mediums of the company's style. The specialization of our studio on the development of branded style makes it possible to clearly withstand this criterion in web-design.
    Despite the good quality of service, the prices on our services are lower than our many competitors.
    Our studio has the vast experience of remote work. We work with customers all over Latvia. We value the trust shown to us!
    We guarantee the preservation of files that compose the web-site of the client company. All work files that are usable in web site development are stored in a reliable place. In case of loss of Web-site files on the client's hosting, our studio will restore the site at the moment of ta launch into service.
    We guarantee that the web-site developed by the customer will be included in the TOP-10 after key phrases. All the links developed by our web-design studio are optimized for online promotion at the design stage: key words are determined for possible future promotion, recommendations are issued to the customer about filling the site with content, key words stand out with TEGs in search systems, and the site is registered in 60 catalogs and ratings. 

    In general, the existence of the company's web-site on the internet, it is only half of the whole work. Therefore, in order for the web-site to work and, accordingly, bring profit, it is necessary to make it so that the web-site can be easily found for the company's target audience, its potential customers and partners. It also requires the development of a web-site promotion strategy in the network.

    Our experts will help to design and make your web-site advertising company interned with maximum efficiency with minimal cost.

    Here are some of the web-site promotion steps that we can realize:

    Web-site optimization for search systems
    Optimization of Web-site technology for search systems allows to attract the target audience of visitors who are interested in the company's products or services to the customer's web-site and significantly increase sales in the way of success of higher web-site positions as a result of the demand for key words.

    Production of banners and the administration of their display, their registration in the bannerchange networks.
    Displaying your banners on web-sites with topics that are close to your themes allows you to attract new unique visitors to the web-site.

    Web-site registration in catalogs.
    Convenient search system in catalogues by key words and on a certain topic allows you to link to them a large part of the internet audience. That is why thematic catalogs on the Internet have a good attendance. By placing the client's web-site address on the Internet in various popular interned catalogs, there is an opportunity to attract the target audience of the web-site, which is interested in the ordered company's activities.  

    Advertising in various thematic letters by electronic mail
    E-mail sending includes various offers, advertisements and other information sent to a pre-selected target audience at specific addresses.

    It should not be forgotten that interned - this is a huge audience. The number of people who go to internment grows with each passing hour. Among the abundance of these users - necessarily there are also your potential customers.