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Shop development Riga

Shop development Riga
Shop development Riga

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    We will turn your online store into a successful and prosperous business!

    Is your online store not generating the desired profit, while competitors are knocked down and tired of sweating from the abundance of customers? Think about it, perhaps your selling site has some very significant flaws and errors that you yourself do not even suspect. But it is they who interfere with the development of your business and scare away potential buyers. And you need to correct this unhappy situation now, and we will help you with this! And our specialists will create for you a high-quality online store "from scratch" or professionally correct the work of an existing one. And in the very near future, your business will begin to develop successfully and regularly fulfill the task assigned to it, that is, bring you a very tangible and real profit.

    The main stages of our work for the success of your business

    Capturing customer attention with vibrant, modern designs

    Try the situation for yourself - you are looking for the product you need on the Internet and in the process of searching you open a gray boring and completely incomprehensible site for yourself. Imagine how long you will stay on it, will you waste your precious time on a detailed study of it, and will you, in the end, make your purchase on it? Probably not. You just go further, to another seller, of which there are a lot of online now.

    Your client will do the same if you cannot interest him in time and motivate him to continue acquaintance with the assortment of your online store. In addition, it is worth considering that this behavior of uninterested users (quick leaving the site pages) in the future is far from the best reflected also in its ranking in the issuance of various search engines.

    Various interesting effects and animations, bright presentation of goods and modern high-quality design ... All these well-thought-out tricks, which we have studied and tested in practice over the years of our work, are guaranteed to hold the attention of your client and bring your online store to the top of search queries!

    As our clients tell us, the successful and bright designs that we have created for their online stores now not only make even customers who accidentally visit their sites stay with them much longer, but also often encourage them to make new purchases. That is, they are transferred from the category of potential to real (and sometimes permanent) buyers.

    We check the convenience of making a purchase on the site

    It should be easy and convenient for a client who has looked at your site and is interested in the range of products not only to find the product he needs, but also to order its purchase and delivery. And we know how to do it! We are constantly developing and studying numerous global developments in the field of usability, best examples and the most modern trends in the field of creating successful online stores.

    By the way, how often do you yourself check and control the behavior of customers on your already working website? Do you know what percentage of products remain in the baskets of your customers who did not want (or could not?) Actually purchase them in your online store? Analyze and think, perhaps that decisive moment has also come for you when you need to take a critical look at the interfaces of your site and correct something in them ...

    Show the product with your face

    Your site has an attractive and bright design, but for some reason it still doesn’t add more applications? Evaluate how high-quality and clear photos, as well as detailed and understandable for the client descriptions advertise your product. And the prices? Are they too high compared to your competitors' prices?

    Also, make sure that your company's phone number is in the most visible place on the website page, and even try to call it yourself. Evaluate the work of your operators and check how correctly and professionally they behave in various non-standard situations for them.

    Preparing the project for further growth

    It is possible that today you have only a few orders a day, and the thought of a large flow of orders seems to you now something unreal. But you work tirelessly and develop successfully. Therefore, the moment of an influx of a large number of customers is simply inevitable for you. And it will be very disappointing if you (and in particular your online store) are completely unprepared for such an excellent development of events. It is necessary to provide a technical opportunity for the expansion and successful development of your business right now!

    To do this, first, you need to properly prepare for the future growth of visitors to your site. This opportunity will be provided to you by our correct caching settings, equal load distribution on several servers, etc. And, secondly, you also need to have the technical ability to add new necessary functions to the project for its successful growth and development. And here the well-coordinated work of our professional technical support team will come to your aid.

    We manage content using a convenient system

    It is also necessary to prepare the online store in advance for large future loads, to be able to experiment successfully with newly emerging technologies in the process of work and successfully implement various non-standard solutions. For all these important purposes, you need our convenient and constantly improving content management system.

    We establish connections with various subsystems

    For the successful operation of any online store, it needs communication with various subsystems. This is an automatic calculation of the cost of an order folded in the Basket, SMS and e-mail notification of customers, interaction with suppliers of goods, etc. Our specialists perform integrations even with the most complex and exotic systems. Your online store can become successful and profitable in the very near future ... Contact us and we will prove it to you in practice! Our offer for you is to do business. Entrust all technical questions to us!