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Poster design

Poster design

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Poster creation is a very creative process that allows you to communicate with a wide audience using a limited amount of text and images. The poster is able to convey important information in a very simplified way, which is especially important in the field of advertising.

With posters, you can display a variety of ideas and messages using images and a small amount of text. A well-designed poster design requires the observer to process the information perceived in a short moment, look for connections and perceive the thought contained in the poster. Of course, posters differ from the intended target audience (knowledge, life experience, traditions), so the information perceived by the observer may differ, but given that certain groups of society have a similar perception of symbols, posters tend to be very successful, for example, if A poster with the inscription “Nothing spešel” is being created in the territory of Latvia, the majority of Latvians will perceive what is meant by this sentence, but less well-informed people or immigrants will perceive this sentence differently.


The poster must be easy to read. It should be free of grammatical errors (usually, they are noticed when the posters have already been printed, thus causing great damage). It is recommended to read the text to at least 3 people before inserting and to certify with a signature that the text is correct and no claims will be made against the designer if an error in the text has occurred. Even after the design has been developed, it is necessary for at least 3 people to read the entire text and certify with a signature that no mistakes have been made. The text of the poster must not disappear between the images and colors used.


The poster must be simple and easy to understand. The text and image must be engaging so that it is noticeable and memorized. Each poster should provide only one message (for example, if a customer has 100 different products, it is recommended that each product create its own poster, unless the purpose of the poster is to inform users about the company itself (promotion of the company name) and not about the products.

Attractive design

The images used must be of high quality so that users are not adversely affected and details are not lost when printing. The design must be easy to see. The color scheme must be appropriate, it is not recommended to use more than 3 colors for text design.

When creating an attractive design, it would be necessary to remember:

  • The poster should convey the message and be itself a message (content and poster as a whole)
  • The poster should be designed for a specific audience, taking into account their level of knowledge and experience
  • Use a suitable poster size (too large a poster with too little content makes the poster indistinct, but too small a poster with compressed information will make the poster chaotic and difficult to understand).
  • Use a poster to convey one specific message.
  • Use "lowercase letters" (a b c instead of A B C) because they are easier to read and understand.
  • At least 20% of the poster area should be monochrome, preferably white.
  • Use thoughtful and grammatically correct text. Poor quality text can damage your poster.
  • The poster does not always have to focus on the product, it is possible to use other images that symbolize, for example, the quality of the product (for example, in swimsuit advertisements, a pretty woman if you buy the specific swimsuit).
  • If the images and text are not arranged formally, it will attract more attention, because the eye will perceive an atypical layout of text and images.
  • Poster text and images must be proportional to the size of the poster. The text should be evenly spaced.

A good poster design should inspire and motivate the action of the message on the poster (buy, visit, motivate, encourage, etc.). Poster design has always been a challenge for designers, as it is necessary to say as much as possible in a limited space, using a very small amount of text and several images.