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Order online store in Riga

Order online store in Riga
Order online store in Riga

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    Website design for online stores

    The job of an online store website design is not just to look good. This is, of course, very important, but it must also ensure that the visitor can quickly and easily perceive the information provided to him. For many Internet users, your website design will be a first impression of how capable and reliable your business is. The biggest challenge in creating a website design is to give it value in the eyes of the visitor. Make them feel that they have gained something valuable by visiting your website! Thanks to our individual approach to each client, we are able to do it! We are interested in providing you with the highest quality service. Website design also plays an important role in internet marketing. Success with an attractive website design is guaranteed! A company with a professional website is open to all the benefits it can offer. Internet marketing does not only mean attracting as many visitors as possible, but also attracting their attention as soon as it opens your website. The best way to do this is by creating a great website design! We have a lot of experience in creating a design, so no matter how simple or complex the project will be - we will be able to provide a solution that will meet your requirements. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get a great website, we will be happy to help! We perform all our projects creatively and originally. We are confident that we will achieve the set goals quickly and efficiently.

    The core principles of our team are:

    1. Respect for each customer

    2. Prompt execution of orders, within the agreed deadlines, even if the project is large and voluminous

    3. Thanks to the skills and experience of our team, the most difficult tasks provide additional incentives

    4. We are not standing still. We regularly update our knowledge and follow the latest trends in website design

    5. We approach each client very individually. The customer can be sure that no one else will have a similar website design

    6. We dedicate maximum precision as well as creative approach to all projects

    Online store Website design development process:

    1. Collection of information

    2. Planning

    3. Design

    1. Collection of information

    The first step in designing a successful website is gathering information. There are many things to consider when creating the look and feel of your website. The first step is actually the most important, because it involves a complete understanding of the customer and the company. Understand the goals set and how to implement them with website design. Before we get started, it would be important for us to know the answers to our questions.

    The reason.

    What is the reason for creating a website? Do you want to present information about yourself, your company? Advertise service? Do you sell the product ...?


    What do you hope to achieve by creating a website? Usually, the main goals are to increase revenue or share information.

    Target audience.

    Is there a specific group of people who could help you achieve your goals? It is useful to imagine the "ideal" person you would like to see on your website. Considering his age, lifestyle and interests. This will later help to apply your website design style.

    Online Store Content.

    What kind of information will the target audience look for on your website? Will it be specific information? A specific product or service? Making an online order?

    2. Online Store Planning

    Using the information obtained from the first point, it is time to put together a plan for your website. At this point, a sitemap is developed. Website map is a list of all sections of the website, as well as sub-sections if necessary. It serves as an indication of what content will be on which page and is the key to developing a consistent, easy-to-understand navigation system. During planning, we will also help you decide which technologies to use. Elements such as interactive forms, flash, etc. are discussed when planning your website design.

    3. Online Store Design

    The information obtained so far allows you to start determining the look and "feel" of your store's website. Target audience is one of the key factors discussed in this section. For example, a website targeted at teenagers will be very different from a financial institution's website. In the design phase, it is also important to include elements such as a company logo or colors to help strengthen the company's identity. We will create one or more design prototypes for your website. This will usually be a .jpg image showing the expected result. At this point, communication is especially important to ensure that the end result meets your needs and tastes.