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Opencart Website Development | Opencart Latvian language

Opencart Website Development | Opencart Latvian language
Opencart Website Development | Opencart Latvian language

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    At the moment, the most important product is information. The Internet is a huge space where you can buy, sell and search for information. A professionally designed website helps to solve a large number of tasks: attract partners and customers, strengthen the company's image, increase the company's income, etc. The created website should not just work, but should give satisfaction to both you and the website visitors. YAM offers professional website creation for any type of business. We guarantee an individual approach to design, for each company. Depending on your wishes, our specialists will help you find the optimal project variant for your website, which will be maximally adapted to your company. YAM focuses on creating dynamic and creative Internet projects.

    Opencart Professional website creation

    Why choose professional website development? A website is the face of a company, so design must be done with the mind in mind. There is a lot of competition on the Internet, and why should a visitor choose from many websites to turn your website into a potential customer? It is influenced by several factors, here are the main ones:

    1. Opencart Website must be on the first page of search engine systems

    The closer a website is to the first position for certain keywords, the more potential customers you will get. (SEO services)

    2. The information on the website must be true

    When visiting your Opencart website, the visitor must get what he or she has been looking for. If this point is not met, the visitor will close your website and continue searching other websites.

    3. Opencart Website must have a modern design

    The website design should be modern without too bright or dark colors. There should be no scary images.

    4. Opencart Website must be user-friendly

    When visiting your website, the visitor must easily find where the information about the company, products or services, contact information is located in order to contact you and become your customer. The style and size of the text must be easy to read.

    5. Web pages need to be loaded quickly

    Web pages have to be loaded in a few seconds, otherwise there is a possibility that the visitor does not wait for the website to load and leaves it.

    Other types of websites:

    Informative website (business card)

    Informative website (business card) - this is the minimum useful information that a website visitor gets about your company. It provides key information about the company, product, services, prices, contacts. The size of such a website is usually up to 10 pages.

    Internet portal

    A large amount of useful information is published on the Internet portal. If you need a multifunctional website with such functions as: user registration, photo and video galleries, forum, bulletin board, then order the creation of an Internet portal from us.

    Promo website

    If you have a product or service, the existence of which you want to inform the consumer, then the promo website is irreplaceable. This type of page contains complete information about the promotion, product or service: where and when the promotion, terms and conditions are held, as well as a large amount of other information.

    Opencart Online Store

    If you plan to sell goods using the Internet, then you need an online store. This type of website contains information about the goods visually as well as with a detailed description. In the online store, the user can quickly select and purchase the product of interest. It should be mentioned that the advantage of this type of online store is that it operates around the clock and without holidays.

    Website development stages:

    - analysis of tasks that should be performed by the website, determination of the audience of visitors;

    - domain name registration (for example,;

    - website structure planning (section layout, logo, etc.);

    - website design development;

    - design cutting in HTML / CSS code;

    - design integration in the website management system CMS and its selection (eg joomla, wordpress);

    - entering information on the website and testing the functionality of the page, as well as placement on the Internet;

    - website hosting;

    - as an additional SEO services.

    Let's look at each of the stages in more detail:

    1. Analysis

    At this stage, the role of the website must be understood. What does the page need to do? What are the main tasks? What do you want to achieve with it? What do you want to present to your visitors? These and many other questions help determine what a website will look like.

    2. Domain name registration

    The name of the website should be simple, it will make the name easy to remember. We will help you to register a domain name, according to all the rules.

    3. Website structure planning

    At this stage, attention should be paid to the following: how the navigation should work, how it is arranged (vertically or horizontally), etc. For each website that is more complex than a business card m.l. it is important to create a TU (Terms of Reference).

    4. Website design

    One of the most difficult stages. The design must reflect the services offered by the company.

    5. Design cutting in HTML / CSS code

    Cutting the design means that the website design created for you is further converted into code, the design is given functionality.

    6. Design integration in the website management system CMS and its selection

    The difficult task is to choose a CMS that would allow you to easily add information to the website. (If you instruct the secretary to change some outdated information on the website, and she handles it without the help of a programmer - so everything is ok).

    7. Entering information on the website and testing the functionality of the page, as well as placement on the Internet

    The website is managed to be posted on the Internet within the set deadline, if the customer and the developer work together. The developer creates the website, but the customer prepares texts and photo materials.

    8. Website hosting

    A website is a piece of data (texts, images, etc.) that must be physically located somewhere for Internet users to access it. This data is stored on a server (a computer whose hard drive stores a home page). Hosting a website on a server is called hosting. It is important that the hosting provider makes regular copies of the website to allow a quick update of the website in the event of an emergency.

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