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Online Store Riga

Online Store Riga
Online Store Riga

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    Store technical specification

    Buyers have the opportunity to:

    • view the purchases made,
    • change your delivery address
    • leave comments about the purchased product (if the store owner allows it)

    Store catalog options:

    • Complete service from any computer on the Internet,
    • Unlimited quantities of product categories and the goods themselves,
    • Can be used as a store or as a catalog, depending on the needs of the company,
    • Extensive search options when searching - products, categories or manufacturers, you can search by technical parameters or discounts,
    • Product ratings or reviews (can be set to be published by the store administration, or they are published automatically)
    • Products can be specially marked as - Recommended
    • Product is delivered - allows you to show the store visitor how fast he can expect the product to be delivered,
    • If the product is not currently in the store, but it is planned to deliver it, then a potential customer can apply and after receiving the product will be sent a notice that the product is back in the store,
    • If necessary, you can sell downloadable products - e-books, pictures, movies, ringtones, etc.
    • Shipping costs can be added to the product based on weight, country of delivery, etc.

    Administration options:

    • You can add an infinite number of pictures and files to the product description
    • Product attributes - color, size, etc. can be added to the product,
    • Products can be classified - car, motorcycle, music album or anything else
    • Buyers can be divided into customer categories - regular customer, wholesaler, independent customer, and certain discounts can be granted to one of the groups,
    • Different prices can be applied to one product - based on the number of purchased products or groups of buyers,
    • Use of different national currencies, their automatic conversion, according to the exchange rate set by you,
    • Versatile store statistics - purchased product, customers, which can be viewed by days, weeks, months, etc.
    • Quantity control of goods,
    • Order management - history, status change, customer notifications, deletion function, etc.
    • Sales report,
    • Order status management, if the order is canceled, the product is automatically returned to the store,
    • Different countries, currencies and tax rates
    • Discounts on goods
    • Coupon discount system, you create a coupon with a certain discount and the customer can use it
    • Convenient Store control panel with all functions.
    • It is possible to export and import the list of goods in CSV format (Microsoft Excel)
    • Convenient tax system - for those who trade goods at different tax rates,
    • Manufacturers - description of manufacturers, categories of manufacturers, etc.

    Billing system:

    • Bank Transfer,
    • It is possible to create a credit card payment - but in this case you must enter into an additional agreement with the company that provides this service and the bank that transfers the money to your account,
    • You can integrate e-payment systems like - PayPal, Nochex, etc.
    • If necessary, you can store credit card information in your store and make payments with them (more for those who want to trade in Europe)

    Delivery system:

    • It is possible to integrate with Omniva, DPD, DHL, UPS, Latvijas pasts, UK pasts, etc.
    • Create your own delivery offer - Latvijas pasts, Expresspasts, various courier services,
    • Delivery costs can be fixed, based on the nationality of the recipient, or depending on the weight.

    Each store comes with 10 - 14 additional functionality modules to attract the customer's eye and make the store more convenient to use:

    • Product categories
    • Product rotator,
    • All in one - login module, client account link, etc.
    • Currencies,
    • Special products
    • The freshest product,
    • Manufacturers and other modules.

    Prices - the offered online stores are offered for 2-3 - prices - one is for large companies with high requirements, and the other is for small and medium-sized companies. The difference is that large stores created for companies are adapted to the appearance of the company and thus a lot of work and time is invested in the design of the site. For small businesses, there is not such a big requirement for appearance and hence the price is not so great. Functionality and technical capabilities are the same for big and small.

    Thus, there are 2 prices - for large companies 1200 EUR and up (depending on the design) for small from 500.


    Please note that our customers do not always use all these modules, someone does not like that there are so many who do not even realize it. in any case, all of these and some are already in store and just need to be used.

    In addition, each store is completed according to the wishes of each customer with additional options, both free of charge and for an additional fee depending on the needs - Forum, Photo Gallery, Video insertion and display, information insertion with the help of Content Management, guestbook, e- card components, etc. depending on the wishes and ambitions of the store owner.