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Online store development stages

Online store development stages
Online store development stages

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    Developing an online store is a complicated and very responsible job, as it will determine how quickly an online store is developed, how quickly the new online store will be able to rank first in Google, how fast it will load, and how easy it is to use. 

    If the company's main or secondary activity will be the sale of goods via the Internet, then it is very important to choose the right strategy for both the development of the store and its promotion on the Internet. The online store needs to be very carefully "taken care of" and improved every step of the way, because only then will customers come back again and again.

    Here are some examples that can annoy online shoppers:

    • mandatory registration;
    • inability to print an invoice;
    • difficulty searching for goods;
    • incomplete information about the e-shop and goods; 
    • etc.

    These are just a few examples that can cause you to lose a large number of customers. We do not allow such things.

    Order an online store from you and we will provide a professional service just for you!

    Internet store development stages:

    • A meeting with the client is arranged;
    • All the details related to the future online store are discussed;
    • The customer answers the Contractor's questions about the additional functions of the online store;
    • We prepare a detailed offer (pricing and deadlines) for the development of the e-shop;
    • If the customer agrees to the conditions - an agreement on the development of the online store is signed;
    • pay an advance invoice (50%) for the development of the online store;
    • We start developing the design (3 different design sketches);
    • The customer reviews the sketches - approves one of them. If you don't like any of the sketches - work as long as the client likes one of the sketches or the total number of sketches does not exceed 5;
    • In parallel, intensive work is being done on the development of the administration panel;
    • The administration panel is being completed and it is presented to the customer;
    • Corrections / improvements are made in the administration panel;
    • The front of the online store is developed;
    • Corrections are made in the online store.
    • The customer signs an acceptance-transfer deed for the development of the e-shop and pays the second invoice (50%);
    • We provide a guarantee for the online shop for its entire life (if the online shop is not bought or sold to another person / company);
    • We provide advice on the use and administration of the online store.
    • This is what the online store development cycle looks like. The whole cycle of online store development can take 3-5 weeks. In cases where the online store is being recycled (old online store), the deadline may vary.

    Integrating payment systems

    Any online store it is possible to install one of the payment systems in the store. We provide integration of the following payment systems on your website or online store:

    • PayPal;
    • payment cards (First Data + bank);
    • CDI;
    • Banklink, Visa, Mastercard
    • SMS;
    • Paysera
    • uc

    If you wish to integrate any of the above payment systems into your website or e-shop, you can feel free to contact us and we will inform you about the cost of upgrades and the time required.

    Data export to price comparison portals 

    If you own an online store or are just developing it, it is worth thinking about adding your product range to such price comparison portals as and

    To do this, it is necessary to create an XML product catalog data export for your online store. offers to develop this type of data export so that you can successfully add to Salidzini, Kurpirkt, Gudriem.
    development takes about 1-2 days.

    Solution development costs: about 80 EUR

    If you have a desire to compete with other merchants or Kurpirkt, Gudriem, but you have not yet created a data export channel - you can contact us and we will help you. Call! 26666366