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Landingpage design

Landingpage design
Landingpage design

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    We will create a convincing design for your landing page.

    The design goals of our landing page created for you are:

    Decrease bounce rate

    Increase conversion rate

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    1. What needs to be drawn?

    Landing page design

    The second design version for the AB test

    2. What additional services are needed?

    Design task (concept)

    Landing page content

    Second content version for AB test

    Templates in HTML format

    Landingpages design kits

    Minimum landing page set - from 250EUR

    Landing page design

    Landing page set with AB test - from 600 EUR

    Design task (concept)

    Landing page design, 2 versions

    Landing page content, 2 versions

    Template in HTML format, 2 + 2 versions

    The optimal set of landing page - from 400EUR

    Design task (concept)

    Landing page design

    Landing page content

    Template in HTML & CSS format

    How is the landing page design created?

    Concept and content

    We coordinate the purpose of the page, develop the concept of the page and write, we coordinate the content. If you already have the concept and content ready, we can start creating the design right away. If a design AB test is performed, we prepare a second design version.


    If necessary, we provide translation into English and / or Russian for the agreed content.


    We draw and coordinate the design of the landing page. If a design AB test is performed, we prepare a second design version.

    If necessary, we prepare the agreed design in HTML format. If you have your own HTML specialists, entrust this work to them. If you run an AB test of your content or design, you'll need to create your own HTML for each combination of content and design.

    As a result, you will receive a landing page design in JPG + PSD format (optionally also in HTML format).

    If you do not have your own programmer, we will help with professional technical development.

    Place an order Why work with YAM Design?

    It took courage to agree with the design concept proposed by YAM. The result is obvious - it has proved its worth - we have several new customers!

    Viola Sjakste, Chairman of the Board

    Worth to know

    What is a landingpage?

    This is a separate page or section of your website designed for a specific campaign with 1 goal, such as telling about the service and getting in touch with you. Short landing page - for a special offer of yours that you advertise in various media. Clicking on the ad takes the visitor to the landing page. Long Landing Pages - Sections where visitors come from search engine results, partner pages, and more. For example, you may find our website by searching for "Landing Page Design" and this page is a long-term landing page.

    Test multiple versions

    Create at least 2 different versions (different design and / or different content). Over time, leave only the most successful version and build a new test version based on it to continually improve performance. This way you can even double the return of the landing page. How to determine the most effective version? Define a landing page goal (such as filling out an application form) and measure goal fulfillment for each version (use Google Analytics goals).

    Why a special design?

    If you invest money in advertising, your return is definitely important - what matters is not just the large number of visitors, but the number of visitors who fulfill the goal of the campaign, such as contacting you or placing an order. With a well-designed landing page design and content, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your campaign, and the money invested in it would yield obvious results.

    But what if it doesn't have the funds?

    Landing page design costs are insignificant compared to other campaign costs. The cost of creating a landing page can be reduced if you only create the page as HTML files that you place on the server, because landing pages usually don't have content administration. However, the landing page is very important to your campaign.