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Internet marketing

Internet marketing
Internet marketing

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    advertising on the Internet

    A website without ads is just like a machine without fuel. In order for potential customers to know about the services or products you offer, you need to think about how to make your website, store or portal available on the Internet. The most widely used advertising on the Internet is:

    • banner advertising (expensive, works well if there is a large enough advertising budget and the advertised product is aimed at a wide audience). Small and medium-sized companies usually place banners on niche portals;
    • advertising articles on portals (similar to banners);
    • placement of information in catalogs (an obsolete type of Internet advertising with a small return compared to costs);
    • Advertising on Internet search engines (usually works using the "pay per click" method);
    • Advertising on websites using Google Display, etc. text and banner advertising distribution systems;
    • SEO (attracts potential customers through search engines - such as from Google or Yandex).
    • Advertising and informing customers about the services and products offered on social networks.

    Internet advertising is constantly expanding in terms of both scale and technology. In any case, online advertising is becoming increasingly popular and is the most effective way to attract new customers.

    We offer the following services:

    • SEO services (both paid for the achieved results and one-time optimization, we also advise on the development of complex solutions (for example, online stores). You can find out more about our SEO services on the website;
    • banner development;
    • Google AdWords ad serving and account optimization;
    • Maintenance of Facebook, twitter and other social network accounts (updating information, organizing campaigns).