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Individual website | Online shop

Individual website | Online shop
Individual website | Online shop

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    Do you need an internet solution that requires special attention and an individual approach?

    We are ready to offer you the development of an individual solution. The development of such a solution requires the development and description of previous detailed algorithms for the operation of the website. The project can be an absolute nou-hau or a simple "complex" website, online store or online solution.

    Individual project development - this is a project work, which consists of several stages:

    • Getting acquainted with the subject area, setting a task, developing possible variants of the solution;
    • Creating a clear and precise project concept that will be understood by both the client and us. We will be guided by this document throughout the execution of the work;
    • Coordination of estimates of works to be performed and contract for performance of works;
    • Company style and project design development. Based on the design concept approved by the customer, a technological structure of a functional and user-friendly solution is created;
    • Design of project internal pages according to the chosen concept;
    • Solution programming, administration panel and internal office creation;
    • Filling the resource with thematic content
    • * The materials developed for the website must be unique, informative and convincing, as well as they must meet the interests of the target audience. The most direct influence on a website depends on its search engine directories, ie its traffic, popularity and effectiveness.
    • Testing of all project modules and the whole system;
    • Project commissioning and implementation;
    • Training of the responsible persons of the customer to work with the system;
    • System maintenance and post-processing during the operation process;
    • Online resource promotion. There are a number of methodologies for promoting the portal.

    We will do everything you need because:

    • Our employees have appropriate education and experience in the field of IT.
    • We have extensive professional experience (our portfolio).
    • We meet the set goals and deadlines.
    • We are ready to share our vision and offer you innovations.

    Very often customers ask the question - how is a standard solution different from an individual website?

    We answer:

    • Individuality - everything is created just for you, everything works exactly the way you need it! The specifics of your goals are explored.
    • Project planning and design.
    • All details of the website are carefully thought out.
    • An analysis of competing projects is performed.
    • Various innovative ideas.
    • Exclusive design, individual development of all nuances. Development of internal pages of an individual project according to the planned content.
    • The content of the resource has been filled in with the help of our specialists.
    • A variety of non-standard solutions.