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How to get to the top of google search results

How to get to the top of google search results
How to get to the top of google search results

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    The following guidelines will help Google and other search engines find, index, and evaluate your page. Even if you don't plan to follow these recommendations, Google strongly recommends that you pay close attention to our Quality Guidelines.

    Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the page being ignored by search engines. And then the page will no longer appear in search results or appear very rarely.

    When the page is ready:

    • Make sure that other highly rated pages include links to your web page.
    • Submit a page link here:

    Design and content guidelines

    • Create a page with a clear hierarchy and text links. Each page should be accessible from at least one static text link
    • Offer users a sitemap with links to important parts of the page
    • Write articles that are directly relevant to your field

    Think about the words users type in search engines to find what they're looking for, and make sure those words are included in the content of the page

    Try using text instead of images to display important content or links, search engines don't recognize the text written in the image

    Check that all the links on the page are working correctly

    The number of links per page should not exceed 100 pieces

    Quality guidelines

    A page builder who devotes his energy to maintaining the effect of simplicity will attract users much better than creating endless loops and traps to entice the user.

    Quality guidelines - basic principles

    Build a page for users, not search engines. Don't cheat users, offer the information you offer to search engines to users on the page as well

    Do not use techniques to increase the search index. A good way to test yourself is to ask yourself, "Would I do the same thing I would if there were no search engines?"

    Do not create artificial linking mechanisms to increase page rank

    Quality guidelines - specific guidelines

    Avoid hidden text and hidden links

    Do not place inappropriate texts and words on the page

    You may not create multiple pages or subdomains with the same content

    Avoid "Landing Pages" or "Intro"

    If the page you create doesn't meet Google's quality guidelines, it may be blocked from indexing. If you find that your page doesn't meet these guidelines, you should improve it.