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How to create a home page that makes an impression?

How to create a home page that makes an impression?
How to create a home page that makes an impression?

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    The home page is where it all starts, it is the reference point that the user sees first. Then everything happens in a similar way to the dating process and the first impression is created, which can be both positive and negative. Of course, we all want to make the best impression and please the potential customer, but how do we do that?
    What is it and what does it offer?
    The main thing to follow is that the user who enters the home page must understand where he has come from and what he will be offered here. What elements best perform this task? First of all, this is the slogan of the company - it must be clearly and unambiguously defined, for example, if I sell the most durable barbed wire, then the customer must also say it. Secondly, they will be various design elements and details that complement and are in line with the direction of the company, in other words, a design that is designed in an appropriate style and highlights the company's core business.
    Why is it better here than elsewhere?
    Now the internet environment is crowded and there are thousands of companies offering similar products and services, and the only difference is the company logo and name, so the customer needs to show the main benefits on the home page and what are the reasons why we are better than others and the visitor should you must choose our product or service. It is worth remembering here that these things must be specific and not abstract, for example, guaranteeing high quality, low prices, and so on. c. similar things. Specific things can be mentioned, for example, reducing your costs by 40%, 100% satisfaction guarantee, etc. These so-called benefits and advantages are clearly defined and the user understands that if he is told that costs will be reduced by 40%, he will also save 40%. Also, when defining these benefits, one should not get carried away with their number, ideally using 3 or 4, because a larger number will already be harder to perceive, so to speak, better quality than quantity.
    Others also use it
    People often make decisions driven by herd instinct. For example, if my neighbor has it, then I need it too. That's why it's important to emphasize on the homepage that my company's services are used by others, and there are several ways to show it. Briefly about each of them.
    1) Feedback
    With reviews, you can shoot 2 bunnies at once with one shot - to show that someone is using it all and to create a sense of confidence that the person who has used it is satisfied and everything has been in order. It is best to use the feedback of well-known people and companies - authorities, industry experts and market leaders. For more information on reviews, I recommend reading the article "Customer reviews have power".
    2) Significant figures
    This is only recommended if the numbers are really impressive and other comments are superfluous. You can count everything - users or the total number of orders received, total user savings in monetary terms, etc. Most importantly, this number reflects the fact that a lot of people choose your company. One thing is clear, if a person sees that, for example, 2,000,000 users have registered on the portal, he or she immediately feels that there is really something so good and that you should try.
    3) Popular customers
    If your company has significant, well-known customers, then why not show it to others? It works quite simply: we create a block "Our customers" and display the logos of the companies that are our customers. Of course, in order to do so, it is first necessary to agree with the client concerned whether he agrees with such a solution. There is a similar principle to feedback, it shows that our company has customers who use it, and the visitor to the homepage has a sense of security, because he sees: if such companies already use it, why not give it to me.
    Bonuses and guarantees
    Who doesn't like to receive gifts or a promise that everything will be fine and there is nothing to worry about? Therefore, if your company is able to offer something like this, you should definitely show it on the home page. The simplest examples here could be: free shipping; if you don't like it, get your money back, etc. The word "free", whatever the context in which it is used, will always attract attention and generate increased interest. These are the extra things that create the total value of a product or service and play a big role in the decision.
    The home page must have a credibility effect, because in order for customers to use your services, they must trust you, especially in the Internet environment, where the only thing the customer sees is your website. That is why reliability must be considered from the beginning. Everything will show here, which shows that everything is safe here and everything will be fine. Trust is created by various certificates and awards, the same reviews and customers that I have written about before. Contact information is very important, although the customer may never need to contact you, it is important to show at least the phone and e-mail so that the visitor sees it and understands that at any time when they need help, they know where to look. If the website provides for payments, it is good to display these types of logos, because when you see them, the customer does not have to worry about the security of their money.
    What does it all look like in practice?
    As examples where all these things described are actually used and have proven that it all works, I would like to highlight the YAM design website. These pages show everything - when you enter the page, you understand what it is and what it offers, you define specific benefits and slogans, it is shown that others also use it through customer logos, testimonials, bonuses are emphasized and finally created. sense of trust. Take a look for yourself and you will realize that this is all here!
    In the interests of your company
    These are just some of the things that the home page of your company's website will attract potential visitors and create a positive first impression to continue to get to know your company and its products or services. Of course, to create a unique home page specifically for your company's interests, you need a thorough analysis of situations and needs, so if you also want a home page for your company that addresses the page visitor and improves sales, ask us! Call + 371 26666366