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How is the web design created?

How is the web design created?
How is the web design created?

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    The concept

    We invent and coordinate the design concept. If you already have a ready-made concept, we can start creating the homepage design right away.

    Home page design

    We draw and coordinate with you the design of the home page, which determines the style of the website. If the homepage design is ready, you can skip this step.

    Inside template design

    We draw the design of each inside page template (eg news list, open company information, etc.).

    HTML & CSS

    If necessary, we prepare the agreed design in HTML and CSS format. If you have your own HTML specialists, entrust it to them.

    As a result, you will receive a web design in JPG + PSD format (optionally also in HTML format), which your programmers can use for the technical development of the website.

    If you do not have your own programmer, we will help with professional technical development.