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Do you need professional SEO services?

Do you need professional SEO services?
Do you need professional SEO services?

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    SEO services will definitely be much more valuable than online advertising campaigns because:

    1. The natural display results of your website (portal) on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will significantly improve. internet search engines

    2. Your website will achieve TOP 10 readings on primary keywords in internet search engines

    3. More people will be able to find your product or service

    4. New customers (purchases) will start coming to you from organic readings (regularly and in the long run)

    5. People will trust you, because organic displays for your website will be a proof of prestige (quality)

    6. After SEO Optimization, visitors will find it easier to find the information you need on your website

    7. You will start receiving positive feedback and your website will be happy to recommend to acquaintances and friends

    So where did the SEO services start and how much will they cost?

    SEO Audits

    To understand what improvements are needed for your website, which will improve its indexing in Internet search engines, it is recommended to start with an SEO audit.

    An SEO audit will reveal the true state of your website (as seen by Google and other Internet search engines), and you will receive specific recommendations for SEO optimization of the website, after which your website will significantly improve Google's natural performance. The SE audit includes:

    1. URL status
    2. Title Tag status
    3. Status of Meta Tags
    4. Secondary headline status
    5. ALT Tag status (image names)
    6. Text ratio (HTML ratio)
    7. Page upload and download speed
    8. Technical code status (robots.txt; XML Sitemaps; W3C validity, etc.)
    9. Keyword monitoring / most searched keywords
    10. Status of internal links and external links (backlinks)
    11. Recognition on social networks on the Internet
    12. The status of related websites and links to / from your page

    Your result will be:

    You will have received a detailed assessment of your website (site) technical and SEO content, in addition to whoever will perform SEO optimization for your site, you will know what needs to be done to improve the current situation.

    To assess the need for an SEO audit, you can check the current status of the page yourself using the following tools:

    broken links on your page

    or have all images ALT Tags

    whether there are any shortcomings or errors in the technical code of the page

    SEO audit average price: 50EUR

    SEO Optimization

    SEO optimization on-page

    Website SEO optimization is necessary if you want your target audience to be able to find your website in Internet search engines for keywords that describe your product or service. The most popular search engine in Latvia is, of course, Google.

    When providing more information about your product or service on a website, it's important that you type your website in the first place when you type in the keyword Google chooses.

    If you have not been able to achieve such results on your own, it is worth asking SEO specialists what is needed to improve the page's position in Internet search engines.

    Why is it worth entrusting SEO optimization to Internet Marketing?

    We work on a daily basis in the field of SEO and Internet marketing not only with Latvian, but also with international clients and we have accumulated the necessary experience and know how to achieve the required result!

    You will find our services on the Internet for the following keywords:

    SEO, SEO audit, Website optimization, Website optimization, Google Optimization, SEO services, SEO Optimization, Google Optimization, SEO specialists, SEO expert

    SEO is our daily field of work. We create, if necessary, correct the content of our clients' websites

    We prepare professional SEO texts

    We analyze the flow of visitors and constantly increase the potential target audience

    We train our customers to make optimal use of Google Analytic data

    We create and optimize images and videos on the Internet

    We help you create effective advertising materials

    We create optimal content and presentation for news (from the SEO point of view)

    SEO optimization external (off-page)

    Website content optimization (SEO texts) will of course significantly improve your page's performance in Internet search engines in the long run, but if you want to reach TOP (1-5) positions, on-page SEO optimization alone may not be enough.

    To achieve Google TOP positions on your primary keywords, you will need to create quality backlinks to your website.

    For clients who choose to achieve TOP position results, we performed the following external SEO optimization:

    We serve company profiles on social networks (Draugiem, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)

    By analyzing the flow of visitors (followers), we gradually increase the volume of the target audience

    We prepare advertising articles, news and place them on Internet media (blogs, forums, portals)

    We create high-quality links to the client's website (backlinks)

    How much does SEO optimization cost?

    The cost of SEO optimization depends on several important factors. Each client's project usually has an individual solution, according to what the client wants to achieve and how much he is willing to invest in achieving the result.

    If you have a small website, you will definitely have to reckon with at least 50 EUR (one-time fee).

    If your website is larger (more than 5 internal openings), then the SEO optimization costs will start from 100 EUR (one-time fee).

    External SEO optimization costs for our clients started from 25 EUR (per month).

    If you have any questions or want to know how much it would cost for your website SEO audit and SEO optimization - feel free to ask us or give us a call.

    To make sure of our professionalism and achieved results, ask us (contacts) and we will provide you with the necessary SEO consultation, as well as feedback from existing clients, we will show what has been achieved.