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Desktop computer repair in Riga

Desktop computer repair in Riga
Desktop computer repair in Riga

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    Desktop computer repair in Riga from 30 EUR

    • Computer diagnostics
    • Computer repair.
    • Computer parts diagnostics / installation / replacement.
    • Information, data update, copying.
    • Upgrading or replacement of computer equipment.
    • Computer equipment.
    • Hardware software installation.
    • Hardware software troubleshooting.
    • Configuring hardware software.
    • Hardware software prevention.
    • Hardware connection to the client.
    • Trips to clients.
    • As well as other repairs.

    Computer modernization

    • Modernization of computers, as well as assembly of new computers.
    • Computer diagnostics
    • Choosing the optimal configuration, taking into account your requirements.
    • Installation of components, installation.
    • Operating system installation.
    • Additional peripherals installation, installation.
    • Computer testing.
    • Software works


    we perform installation, configuration, optimization of various software, installation and configuration of the operating system, storage and restoration of data, scanning and removal of viruses, etc.

    • OS Windows 10 installation
    • Operating System Restore
    • Computer prevention (optimization, configuration, testing, etc.)
    • Antivirus installation
    • Virus neutralization
    • Driver installation
    • Recover / delete a forgotten computer password
    • Data copying, storage, backup
    • Recovering data from a damaged system
    • Installation of other software

    Computer maintenance and dusting should be performed if you notice that:

    • computer heats up;
    • computer speed slows down;
    • computer often "hangs"
    • "system error messages" appear frequently on your computer system
    • the computer starts for a long time and sometimes the computer does not turn on at all;
    • computer fan, louder;
    • Your computer slows down when you listen to music, watch videos, or work with computer programs.
    • the computer shuts itself off;

    Computer maintenance and dust removal includes:

    • Power supply cleaning
    • Graphics card cleaning
    • Processor cooling equipment cleaning
    • Ram and vga socket cleaning
    • General housing cleaning
    • Full hard disk diagnostics

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