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Create website or online store

Create website or online store
Create website or online store

    Get a Free consultation.

    We offer a complex solution that will suit any company! We will create your personal - "Informative website" within 2 days!

    By becoming our client you receive: a content management system Website that meets all your requirements

    • Website Content Management System (CMS)
    • Hosting
    • Website registration in search engines
    • Individual approach
    • Consultations
    • Technical support

    Resolving all issues that may arise during the creation and operation of the website

    * Technical support - respectively, if you have problems with the page, or you need minor adjustments, we will be able to do so.

    Do you need an Internet solution that can provide the desired image of you or your business on the World Wide Web?

    We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to develop a representative office website on the World Wide Web

    You will get:

    • an original design layout, which will be created based on your wishes;
    • search engine optimized website;
    • unlimited number of potential customers;
    • visual editor: possibility to independently edit website text, add images, documents and other files;
    • dynamic information: news feed, articles, article categories;
    • dynamic multi-level menu with an unlimited number of sections (possibility to add sections independently);
    • possibility to independently place video and flash-objects;
    • possibility to place advertising banners;
    • the ability to independently add photos, as well as edit the list of attached images;
    • the form of the feedback;
    • website traffic counter;
    • an interactive map that shows you how to get to you;
    • Technical support for your website;
    • website hosting on our servers.

    We will realize your wishes qualitatively, because:

    • We create a bright, modern design;
    • We use a secure, self-developed management system;
    • We provide access to our knowledge base and technical support service;
    • We offer a full range of additional services;
    • We have extensive professional experience (our portfolio) and we offer low prices.