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Visual design of content pages

Visual design of content pages
Visual design of content pages

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    People do not read information on the Internet. They sound. Make it easier to capture information with visually designed content pages.

    We will improve the visual appearance of your website and make it easier to understand the information on it:

    • Let's visually group the information
    • Let's highlight the most important
    • We will develop graphic elements

    A noticeable difference

    • Content page without visual design
    • Content page with visual design

    Content page visual design kits

    Visual design of 3 main sections - from 300EUR

    • Visual design for 3 sections

    Content of 5 sections and its visual design from - 1200EUR

    • Writing content for 5 sections
    • Visual design for 5 sections
    • Templates for HTML & CSS 5 sections

    How is the visual design of content sections created?

    Content writing

    If the relevant sections do not have written content or need to be reworked, we will prepare new content. If the content of your website does not need to be changed, we can design it immediately.


    Let's draw and coordinate the design of the visual design of the content sections, presenting it in a textual-visual way.

    HTML & CSS

    If necessary, we prepare the agreed design in HTML format. If you have your own HTML specialists, entrust this work to them.

    As a result, you will receive a visual presentation of the content sections in JPG + PSD format (optionally also in HTML format), which you can place on your website.

    If you do not have your own programmer, we will help with professional technical development.

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    It took courage to agree with the design concept proposed by YAM. The result is obvious - it has proved its worth - we have several new customers!

    Viola Sjakste, Chairman of the Board

    Worth to know

    Why do pages need special design?

    The website will become a more effective communication and sales tool with:

    Easier to understand information

    More attractive design

    It will create a more professional impression of your business

    Special visual design must be prepared for the following sections:

    Most visited sections

    Sections with the most important information (for example - our advantages)

    What to consider when creating a visual design?

    The perception of information should become easier, so the following principles should be followed:

    Do not clutter a page with a large amount of graphics

    Use free space efficiently

    Highlight the essentials - use contrasts and graphics (icons, images, etc.).

    Delete irrelevant