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8 features that would be useful for any Facebook marketer

8 features that would be useful for any Facebook marketer
8 features that would be useful for any Facebook marketer

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    This time about the features that can make life easier for every Facebook marketer and also an ordinary user, but which are little known.

    1. Save to read later

    You can save interesting recordings that you want to read, but at the moment there is no time with "Save for Later". You can save links, books, movies, music, videos, and more. information that is important to you. To do this, click on the small arrow in the upper right corner of the entry and select "Save link".

    When the time is right, you can view your saved entry by going to the "Saved" section of your profile on the left.

    2. Create your list of interests

    If you follow pages from different directions that write about different topics, you can group the posts on those pages by relevant topics, such as marketing, dogs, handicrafts, friend posts, competitor news, or ideas for Facebook posts on your managed pages, and more. Once you have created such lists, it is important not to forget about them immediately, but to introduce yourself to the habit, visit them at least a couple of times a week or even every day, if necessary. It may happen that the list you have just created will not immediately appear next to your interests, because it will take some time (~ 1-2 h) for Facebook to process this information and put it there. Be patient and wait, but don't forget, because in the future, these lists will be a convenient way to quickly see the news on each relevant topic. Within your profile, go to the "Interests" menu on the left and click on the "More" link that will appear when you move the mouse cursor over it.

    Click on "Create list" and create your own list.

    You can also save energy and simply subscribe to a list of interests you have already created. For example, this list, which will help you keep track of the pages of Latvian marketing representatives.

    3. Review the list of all Facebook pages you have logged in to followers

    We often apply for followers on various Facebook pages and quickly forget about them. Especially if the posts on these pages don't reach us because they can't compete with the posts on other Facebook pages. However, other times it is interesting and useful to go through this list and opt out of some pages and look for useful information in others. This feature is well hidden, but easy to find.

    Go to the "Create Page" menu and click on the "Pages I Like" button on the page that opens.

    Here you can manage the list of all pages you follow.

    4. Download all your personal Facebook profile usage history - photos, videos, posts, events, chat lists, and more.

    If you want to quickly find lost or forgotten information, as well as easily review your entire history of using your Facebook profile, you can easily download it from Facebook. Go to the "Settings" section of your profile and click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data". All your profile information in the zipped folder will be sent to your e-mail. Save it to your computer and recognize it for a full view.

    Also, evaluate a list of all the ads you've ever shown interest in - clicked, shared, etc. See how much Facebook knows about each of its users! Use it for marketing purposes, working more carefully to target your ads.

    5. Tag the names of other Facebook pages in your posts to encourage collaboration with them.

    When preparing another entry for your page, enter the "@" symbol and immediately after it enter the name of the respective page without a space. Facebook will automatically offer you a list of relevant profiles, from which you can only choose the right one. Similarly, you can tag your friends in your personal profile entries.

    6. View a list of followers on your page

    There are times when it is important to look at your page's followers list. Although Facebook offers this feature quite reluctantly and does not make it easy to use, it is possible. Go to the "Settings" section of your Facebook page and then click on "Banned users". internet_marketings_page_followers

    Here, click on the "Banned" menu and select "People who like this" (in the same way, you can also easily view the Facebook pages that follow your page via "Pages that like this").

    Here you will find the whole list of your followers, arranged in such a way that at the top you can see the newest followers, but at the bottom - those who have joined earlier. The longer you "go" down, the longer the list of followers you will see. Having a lot of followers is a pretty awkward way to review them, but unfortunately there aren't any other ones right now. This way, you can also explore the profiles of your followers at some leisure to understand what lies beneath them.

    7. Find previous posts on your Facebook page.

    If you want to find one of your oldest entries - picture, video, comments, etc., but do not want to spend time searching for this entry manually, go to the "Settings" section of your Facebook page and click on "Activity Log" and filter your entries by the following segments: Image posts, Video posts, Posts marked as spam, Your posts, Comments, Posts by others, Questions, Notes, Events, Offers.

    8. Did you know that there are currently about 600 thousand people in Latvia? active Facebook users (excluding those under 18), but about half of them live in Riga? In turn, about 40-45 thousand. from Latvian Facebook users are interested in marketing. You can easily find such and similar interesting information under Ads Manager-Audience Insights. It can be useful for identifying your market and more.

    Here you can view general statistics about Facebook users, statistics by countries, by gender, interests, as well as about your Facebook page followers.