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7 Benefits Of Keyword Research

7 Benefits Of Keyword Research
7 Benefits Of Keyword Research

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    It is clear to everyone that keyword research is an important process in creating any internet project. When creating a PPC campaign, research is even more important because it is what will underpin your entire PPC campaign.

    Keywords in a Google Ads campaign

    For any project, the keywords should have been researched during the development phase of the website, and the list should be ahead when creating an ad for Google ADS. However, experience has shown that the vast majority do not have such a keyword list. In this article, I'll summarize the benefits of researching keywords.

    Of course, it is better if the keywords are researched while the website is still under development, but it is never too late to analyze your interested keywords. Keyword analysis should be taken as seriously as competitor analysis or market research. Even if you do not have and do not plan to build a website in the near future - by researching keywords, you can discover many interesting nuances about your business.

    In Latvia, keywords are best researched with the Google Keywords Tool. Other free and paid tools are more prone to researching English-speaking audiences.

    Let's see why such keyword research is necessary!

    Market size - number of searches. Here you will find the most important keywords that accurately describe your business or products. You will find out how many times a month each of these keywords is searched. This way you will understand whether the product / service you offer is in demand on the Internet. If a keyword or two-word phrase is searched ~ 300 times a month, then it clearly makes no sense to search for phrases of 3 or more words.

    Competitor analysis. By finding out the most popular keywords, you can see who your biggest competitors are - both in organic and paid positions.

    Exact product and service names. How to know exactly how to name your service or product. You may have one name in your head, but the vast majority of potential customers use something completely different. For example, how to better provide people with internet services - ‘internet’, ‘internet services’, ‘internet connection’, ‘internet provider’? The answer will come from keyword research!

    Basis for creating a website. The keywords from the research are great for building a website. New promotional articles, news and offers can be created based on keyword analysis.

    Identification of new products. When researching your niche, you may find various related products or services that you could also offer to your customers. For example, the company offers to build log buildings - saunas, houses, etc. Researching the keywords revealed that the following offers are related: sauna tubs, sauna stoves, sauna stones. In this case, the offer of tubs, stoves and sauna stones must be added to the log house offer website. It would not be difficult to find suppliers.

    Unnecessary keywords. Researching your niche can reveal that there are a lot of keywords that aren't worth advertising for and that are definitely out of scope. For example, you want to advertise your training courses - the best keyword will be 'courses'. This may correspond to your following services - ‘accounting courses’, ‘project management courses’. But what about ‘free rates’, ‘bank rates’, ‘exchange rates’, ‘exchange rates’, ‘massage rates’, etc.? After researching the keywords, it will be clear whether most of the keywords are relevant to your bid or not.

    PPC + SEO. By researching and testing keywords with Google ADS, you'll understand which keywords are worth optimizing for your website. For example, it is possible to buy a product online (online store) on the site. By analyzing the ROI (profitability) of different keywords, it is clear which are the keywords on which to perform the SEO of a particular page.